Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier have collaborated since 2006.

Both trained in textile design, their objects are the result of investigation and of an experiment with materials. Their work is open without any preconceptions concerning the results; a scarf, a cushion, a hanger, chair, a cover, a rug etc., day-to-day objects illuminated by an original approach.

The pair explores different possible levels of working on the design of textiles, from the raw material to the finished product and its multiple facets -sometimes on the yarn, sometimes on the motif, on a structure, texture or on a specific shape-.

They mostly deal with knitted structures and with process that reveals unexpected views of materials. Radical and precise gesture changes some used or waste items into a new shape and functionality. They often use craft-related processes combined with industrial implementation, sometimes each practised in turn on the same item.

They also work on projects associated with architects, choregrapher or fashion designers.

Anne is the head of the textile design department at La Cambre visual arts academy in Brussels. Eric teaches there in the Textile design and in the Fashion department.


Graduated from La Cambre, textile design department, Anne Masson won the Federal Swiss cultural award (1994, 96, 98), collaborated with the accessories designer Eric Beauduin in Brussels and with the Edelkoort Studio in Paris.


After graduating from l’ESAAT in Roubaix (DSAA), Eric Chevalier worked as a free lance textile designer for Christian Lacroix Haute-Couture and in research for the automotive industry.