27.10.2019 | 07.12.2019

'Le Quotidien' shows work by eight artists in which everyday life is confronted with the relentless flow of news as brought to us by the newspapers and media.





Ralph Collier (BE)

Nikolaas Demoen (BE)

Arpaïs Du Bois (BE) (courtesy of gallery FIFTY ONE)

Miles Fischler (BE)

Isabelle Krieg (CH) 

Rikkert Paauw (NL)

Florence Paradeis (FR)

Geert Vanoorlé (BE)


A daily newspaper, such as 'Le Quotidien de Paris', is called 'un Quotidien' in French. But 'Le Quotidien' also means: everyday life. 

With this pun on the double meaning of 'Le Quotidien', the exhibition aims to bring together two very different worlds. On the one hand the ordinary daily life of everyone, in this case artists and designers. And on the other hand, the newspapers (or modern media) that we open every day to learn about what has happened in the world. 

At the breakfast table, on the train or tram, the world of the newspaper (tablet, telephone or computer) collides with everyday life. The breakfast table full of breadcrumbs, jam stains and empty coffee cups is flooded by the war and peace, domestic and foreign policy, economic prosperity and poverty, culture and sports, with which the newspapers fill their pages. It is a world that is familiar to us (as newspaper readers and media viewers) but which we rarely meet in our real world: 'Les quotidiens' conjure up a world that is not part of 'la vie quotidienne'. 

Artists and designers, consciously or unconsciously, allow themselves to be influenced by the environment in which they find themselves and by the daily stream of news coming toward us. 

Valerie_traan brings together a number of artists and designers from various visual disciplines, who cast their empathic gaze on everyday life. In the 'Le Quotidien’-exhibition they talk about current themes, or about what touched them at a certain moment in the news. The viewer looks along with the artist's critical gaze at his - or hers - social engagement or non-engagement, as the case may be.