46 | Paul Gees -12.12

12.12.2019 | 25.01.2020


We are very honored to invite you to the birthday exhibition and book presentation of Paul Gees_50 years of artistic practice.


Energy from matter


Artist Paul Gees turned 70 on December 12. Reason enough to raise the glass. At the same time, Paul Gees looks back on an artistic practice of 50 years. On that occasion a detailed book is published with an extensive interview, texts and images, offering an overview of the achievements of the past five decades and the evolution in the work of Paul Gees: from his performances in the 1970s and the earliest architectural explorations, to his drawings, sculptures and most recent works of art in public spaces.

In Valerie Traan Gallery, Paul Gees presents a selection of carefully chosen artworks, giving an overview of the diversity of his entire oeuvre.