47 | der Schnitt

02.02.2020 | 07.03.2020


der Schnitt

Frederic Geurts, Marc Nagtzaam, Haleh Redjaian, John Van Oers

or: four artists at the cutting edge


‘Der Schnitt’ is not a thematic exhibition, but a snapshot to help us get a grip on the points of contact between the work of Frederic Geurts, Marc Nagtzaam, Haleh Redjaian and John Van Oers.

‘Der Schnitt’ has many meanings, including indentation, section, incision, wound, the cut of a suit, cutting pattern, effect, result, average, cross-section, profile, the fit (e.g. of a garment), montage and so on.

The precision of the cut resonates to a greater or lesser extent in all four artists’ constructions and abstract installations. When it is read as meaning a cut, der Schnitt also says a lot about the directness of their drawing and the power of abstraction.

For instance, the German-Iranian artist Haleh Redjaian uses the universal language of abstraction to capture reality in structures and systems. She does drawings and makes carpets, as well as constructing spatial installations using threads, like a present-day Ariadne.

While Redjaian makes thread the bearer of the line, the delicate steel cable constructions by Frederic Geurts often seem to act like drawings in space. Marc Nagtzaam works in an analogous realm on the borderline between drawing and construction, perspective space and two-dimensional drawing.

John Van Oers’ work consists of montage and the close fit, and above all of architectural models as a prelude to sculptures and installations. And the directness of the drawing and the knife-edge sharpness of the line vibrates in this abstraction of imaginary architecture, as it does in the work of Frederic Geurts, Marc Nagtzaam and Haleh Redjaian.


Text: Koen van Synghel