32 | INVITATION an exhibition by laend

09.11.2017 | 13.01.2018


Diane Steverlynck, 

Anne Masson, Eric Chevalier


Diane Steverlynck, Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier collaborate regularly to conceptualise objects that reveil common preoccupations. They gather a part of their productions from 2014 onwards, under the platform laend.

They share on the one hand an interest for the fabrication processes, on the other their work presents a certain elasticity of status and usage, stimulating ones imagination and spontaneously provoking a bond of familiarity with the users.


                                                                                  INVITATION designs a stroll, articulating their individual paths and their crossroads. Carpets and blankets, one piece never identical to the other, constitute fluid territories with generous textures. These dialogue with the recent Teatrino of Diane Steverlynck’s small carved mirrors that promptly capture the space.

As asked by the trio, Erwin De Muer has conceived metalic structures, wearing especially dense and pictorial surfaces of felt.

Their studio practice, experimental and organique, sometimes takes the designers to question their previous productions, or to invest the remains in a joyful liberty. The colours always manifest themself lively, materialising rhythms and layers. It testifies singular and often mysterious metamorphosis, transforming from fabric waste to Tapa, or from fibre to wire, creating landscapes in the blankets and the carpets.



TEATRINO by Diane Steverlynck


The TEATRINO series consists of carved mirror pieces whose facets construct remnant spaces.

The viewer’s every movement transforms the reflections, the mirror’s flat surface becomes a screen where architecture, environment and shapes interact in a dynamic play.

Our daily territory becomes concentrated in a miniature scenery, where the slight modulation of colour and transparency tell us about the materiality of each piece.