About Architecture
at kajetan Berlin






18.02.2022 - 02.04.2022

vernissage Friday 18.02.2022 | 6-9 pm at Grolmanstrasse 58, 10623 Berlin

Marcus Schneider


about architecture | valerie_traan at kajetan


Filip Dujardin

Frederic Geurts

Geert Vanoorlé

Haleh Redjaian

Paul Gees

Gallery valerie_traan's presentation about architecture at kajetan articulates the shared story of 4 important artists represented by the Antwerp gallery: Paul Gees, Filip Dujardin, Frederic Geurts and Geert Vanoorlé.

Haleh Redjaian, an artist who collaborates with both kajetan gallery and valerie_traan gallery, will also participate in this Berlin exhibition at kajetan as well as in the upcoming show kajetan at valerie_traan in Antwerp in autumn 2022.

All the artists involved in the Berlin exhibition work with and on architecture or use architectural elements as building blocks for their artistic practice. Their individual works playfully deal with the constructions and de-constructions of spaces and objects, stimulating new reflections on these matters.

In their unconventional and conceptually provocative use of architectural language and space, these works linger between figurative and research-based projects, leading to the creation of new pictorial and sculptural pieces. The artists are searching to grasp the foundations of the construction process, both in architectural practice and in the plastic arts.

The valerie_traan gallery's passion for the everyday and for the use and reconfiguration of space is revealed in this exhibition in a highly multifaceted way.

In October 2022, gallery kajetan will then set up an exhibition with artists it represents in the Antwerp gallery space of valerie_traan.