valerie_traan gallery

reyndersstraat 12

2000 antwerp


Thu - Fri - Sat 2-6 pm

during scheduled exhibitions 

or by appointment

gallery team

Veerle Wenes, gallery owner

+32_475 75 94 59 

Clarisse Bruynbroeck, project manager

Pilar De Ceuleneer, gallery assistant

Dear visitors,

We are happy to announce that the gallery remains open. Please announce your visit, stating when you would like to visit the gallery during the opening hours.


> schedule your appointment here

We follow the sanitary guidelines: wearing a mouth mask is mandatory, disinfectant hand gel will be provided and a maximum of 15 visitors will be allowed at the same time.

photo by Ligia Poplawska

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valerie_traan gallery  | 

| reyndersstraat 12 | 2000 antwerp | belgium |

thu-fri-sat 2-6 pm or by appointment | +32_475 75 94 59