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Emergent invites

valerie_traan with

Frederic Geurts

Philip Aguirre y Otegui

Thomas Bogaert


Grote Markt 26
8630 Veurne

opening days Emergent:⁠
_ Saturdays and Sundays | 2–6 pm⁠
_ during school holidays as well on Fridays (November 4th 2022, December 30th 2022 and January 6th 2023)⁠
_ closed on Sunday December 25th 2022 & Sunday January 1st 2023.⁠

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The majority of images we are force-fed daily, can easily be categorized as propaganda. Be it out of economic or political intentions, these images always try to sell us something. An ideology, an idea, a way of life, a washing machine. This abundance with which we are confronted deliberately hurts us in our vision. In hopes of obstructing our capability to think, we are overwhelmed by images that impose an unequivocal and simplistic reading. Ideally, we are not granted the time to wonder what it is we are looking at, what exactly is being put on display here.

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